About Lily

About Lily and Max

I am a funny and definitely very open-minded girl. I live with my boyfriend Max and our cat.

I was born in Quebec city, but I was raised in the Montreal area. I got my exotic looks from my father, who comes from Uruguay, but because he spent most of his life in Vienna, I don't have any heritage from his Latin culture.

About Lily and Max

One thing you'll notice about me is that I have several tattoos and they all have an important meaning to me... I have the Chinese symbol for love and the spring sky on my shoulder, humming birds on both of my arms representing love and pain, my name in hieroglyphics over my pubic bone. I even have a little heart tattoo on my wrists which I got with my late mother on mother's day one year. I also have her birth and death dates tattooed on my right arm. I feel that it's important to commemorate the things and people I care about, and this is a way for me to do it right on my body.

Before getting into porn, I studied horticulture and gardening, so I love plants, flowers and veggies! That's definitely my "fleur bleue" side... I also love traveling and have been all around Europe, North America and the Caribbean. I hope to get a chance to explore even more!

Music, Montreal and Food

About Lily and Max

I love music, everything from local stuff to music and visuals blended together. I love electro, dub, rock, and some of my favourite acts are We Are Wolves, Misteur Valaire, 011, The Breastfeaders, Karkwa, Amon Tobin, Modeselektor, Moderat, Benga, The Presets, The Dead Wheater, Gorillaz, Sébastien Tellier and almost all Ninja Tunes Label artists... And so many more.

Montreal is such a vibrant city, so I try to go to lots of concerts and events... But I also love hanging out and watching TV, especially documentaries because I am very curious and I love to learn new things about people and the world around me.

About Lily and Max

Another thing I love is eating. I love making a home cooked meal as much as I love to go out to restaurants. I'm especially fond of Italian, Asian, Indian and Latin American cuisine... I don't think there is any food I don't like, though. I am definitely an epicurean. Nothing is better for me than eating good food and drinking good wine, listening to good music with some people that I love...

About Max

There is not much to say about me, I am an everyday normal guy who loves to have sex with his loving girlfriend! Seriously, I am a down to earth and simple person. I am into DIY and I love finding new ways and tricks to make more beautiful videos of our sex life.

About Pornographic Love

Max and I actually met on a dating website! It was only for sex at first. I wanted to find the perfect lover, not just a one night stand from a bar, but no strings attached... As soon as he opened his door, we both knew there was a special connection between us. I had the best sex I ever had that night! Since then, we fell in love and now we live together.

We started getting into porn because it is such a turn on to show the world how beautiful and passionate our sex life is. At first it was just for our personal pleasure, but then we found websites where we could create a little store and sell some amateur clips individually. We started to take it a little more seriously, so we decided to take things to the next level. We bought more equipment and developed an interest in a more cinematographic way of making our videos.

Around then, we met fellow Montreallers Camille and Mike from The Art of Blowjob and they helped us further explore our potential through producing videos that promote a healthy, sensual and beautiful way of having sex.